Top 10 Email Marketing Tools In 2021


Looking for the right email marketing tools for your business to get desired results in lesser time. After going through this guide, we ensure, you’ll find the right tool for your brand.


Reboot your brand's content marketing strategy, and get 100% delivery rates with the most trusted tool.

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Top 10 Email Marketing Tools In 2021


Looking for the right email marketing tools for your business to get desired results in lesser time. After going through this guide, we ensure, you’ll find the right tool for your brand.


Reboot your brand's content marketing strategy, and get 100% delivery rates with the most trusted tool.

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In modern era, email has become an integral part of our life. Today, it is not used only for passing certain information or conveying a message to someone, but also for promoting product and services.

To support new businesses to reach maximum number of people with the help of emails, many software have emerged. There have been many businesses and organizations that have been benefited from these tools and earned a fortune.

Read along, email it to yourself, bookmark it for later, or jump to the section that interests you most.

We’re getting started with the top trendy email marketing tools used by the top companies including Philips, Zendesk, Stripe, etc. We’ve listed all of the top 10 email marketing tools in 2021 you can choose from for your email marketing automation. 

You are just few steps away to gain recurring revenue from your business through email marketing, and get the highest returns ever on every $ spent.


It is a best email marketing tool for ecommerce, travel, publishers, agencies and SAAS. Moosend shopify integration allows you to nurture your leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Apart from basic email marketing features, Moosend offers advanced features – ecommerce AI, advanced marketing automation, personalization, newsletter editor, integrations and advanced landing page builder.

moosend email marketing

To help you become familiar with email marketing and Moonsend software, Moonsend provides learning resources – Help center, Webinars, Academy and Blogs. Moosend zapier integration features is also provided to you with the paid plans so that you could also manage your accounts as well.

Moosend has a free plan for subscribers up to 500 subscribers. In this free plan Moosend offers unlimited emails, sign-up & subscription forms, and reporting and analytics. This free version is best for you if you are just starting your business.

Moosend Pricing

  • Pro

Price for contacts up to 2000 contact is $8/month, and if you have list of 4000 subscribers then you need to pay $24/month. You can choose a bigger plan if you have more number of contacts.

In this plan you get additional features such as landing pages, SMTP server, transactional emails and phone support.

  • Enterprise

It is a custom plan that can be customized as per your needs. This plan is ideal for large scale businesses and organizations. Additional features that comes with this plan are custom reporting, SSO & SAML, on-boarding & migration, account manager and service level agreement.

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Omnisend is one of the best email marketing platforms that offer best email marketing tools that you need to grow your business. If you want, you can use the free version of this tool that allows you to send 15,000 emails a month. With this free version you will also get features like email campaign, signup forms, boxes, pop ups and reports.

In Omnisend, you get pre-built automations for welcome series, cart abandonment and transactional emails that are great for your ecommerce email marketing tactics.

Built-in integration with Facebook feature allows you to keep an eye on your social media campaigns and marketing. You can find good leads on Facebook and convert them into customers with this tool and built a long lasting relationship with them.

 Omnisend also offers onboarding course, podcast, ebooks and blogs to educate you about the tool and email marketing. So if you are someone who is new to email automation then you should try this tool.

Features offered by Omnisend are – Integration, Popups and forms, Segmentation, SMS campaigns and automations (available only for US & Canada) and SMS list -building tools. With these features, you would not need any other software.

Apart from the free version, Omnisend offers Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans. You can choose any of them, depending on your needs and goals. In paid plans you get additional features along with features that you get in free version.

  • Standard

For this plan you need to have a budget of $16 a month. Here the limit of emails is 15000 a month. Along with that you get additional features such as SMS Campaigns & Automation, Email Automation, Audience Segmentation, 24/7 Email & Chat Support.

  • Pro

Omnisend Pro will cost you $99 a month. In this plan you get 15000 emails per month with additional features – Web Push Notifications, Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match, Priority Support and Advanced Reporting.

  • Enterprise

It is a custom based plan which means you have a freedom to customize the plan as per your needs and goals. Additional features you get with this plan are Email Account Migration, Dedicated Account Manager, Deliverability Support and Custom IP Address.

No matter which plan you choose. You will get free monthly SMS and MMS credits equal to the price of your plan.

Try Omnisend Free for 14 days, or choose the free version now to grow your business.


Getresponse has more than 3,50,000 individuals and businesses use this platform for their email marketing automation. It shows that Getresponse have gained the trust of people by providing best email marketing services. If that many people are getting benefit from this tool so can you.

Some of the core features that can help you in email marketing are – responsive email designs, split testing, landing pages, In-depth reporting, segmentation and social sharing tools.

Getresponse integrations allows you to integrate your ecommerce platform and email service provider with Getresponse account, so that you can prepare and send your workflow and email campaigns from one place. Along with that, you can also integrate it with metric tools such as google analytics to have all the analysis in one place.

Getresponse has also introduced a new feature where you can host a webinar on its platform. screensharing and video sharing functionality is also provided for better experience. Along with that you can also upload a powerpoint presentation to Getresponse to use it during webinar.

Automation builder is a feature that separate it from rest of the email marketing software. It is designed to build complex autoresponse email campaigns based on user behavior. Thus, increases the chances of conversion of sales.

GetResponse Pricing

If I talk about pricing, Getresponse charges as per the number of subscribers you have.

  • Basic

$15 a month for 1000 subscribers. This plan includes email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates and one sales funnels. With this plan you also get unlimited lead funnels and Facebook Ads along with sell e-products features. This plan is best for sending emails and building contact base.

  • Plus

If your main objective is to sell products, then this plan is best for you. For 1,000 subscribers it costs $49 a month. Here you get automation builder to create up to 5 workflows, and you can also organize webinars to boost your sales. Sales and webinar funnels are also included in this plan so that you can get maximum benefits.

  • Professional

This plan costs $99 a month for 1,000 subscribers. And extra features that you get with it are – unlimited automation builder, paid webinars along with unlimited sales and webinar funnels, and many more

If you want, you can also have a custom plan with features that you like. Just contact customer care.

To avail Getresponse trial, sign up now.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark email marketing software supports multiple language interface such as Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It is a cloud-based tool that doesn’t require any kind of installation on your computer.

Benchmark email automation offers you over 500 templates that are easy to customize for your email campaigns. You also get social media-specific templates so that you could easily run social media ads and advertising.

Benchmark is best for creating and running online surveys to generate preference based leads, or getting feedbacks from customers.

With automation LITE feature, it is very easy to create a welcome email series to run you first email flow.

Benchmark offers plenty of great features in its free plan with the limit of 250 emails per month. Features – Google Analytics tracking, Live engagement reporting, Unlimited video storage, eCommerce and social media integrations – are the main highlights of free plan.

Benchmark Email Pricing

If you have more than 250 subscribers, then you need to go for either Pro or Enterprise plan.


  • Pro

It will cost you $30 a month if you have 2,500 subscribers, you can choose more if you have more subscribers. Here you get additional features such as advanced email marketing, pro marketing automation, advanced lead generation and advanced reporting.

This plan is best for you, if you have either small or medium size business.


  • Enterprise

This plan is designed for businesses with large contact lists. It is a custom plan and you can customize it as per your needs and goals. To get the price of enterprise plan you need to call customer support. Additional features that you get with this plan are email whit labeling and Dedicated IP.


Along with mentioned features, you get many other features that will take care of your need of email marketing.

To create your free plan. Register Now!


ActiveCampaign email marketing automation tool allows you to use its all features for 14-days free of cost. The best thing about ActiveCampaign is that it allows you to find contacts, track deals and access communication via mobile phone. Now, no matter where you are, you will be able to monitor and manage email automation whenever you want.

To receive online payment, ActiveCampaign allows you to use payment processing platforms such as paypal, square, stripe. With this feature, you will be able to sell your products or service online easily.

In this tool you get a highly customizable dashboard. You can select the features you need most and place them on your dashboard according to your needs.

Activecampaign integrations helps you to integrate your ecommerce platform with it so that you can manage your sales automation and SMS marketing from one place.

Accounting platforms such as QuickBooks Online, Xero and Zoho Invoices can be integrated with ActiveCampaign. This will help you manage all accounting related activities of your business in one place.

Activecampaign email templates are designed to boost your salesforce and provide user friendly experience, that in turn will save you time and effort.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

  • Lite

This is a basic plan that will cost you $9 a month for contacts up to 500. Benefits you get with this plan are unlimited sending, chat and email support, email features, newsletter and automation features. This plan is best if you are a starter or have limited email automation goals.

  • Plus

Cost of using this plan is $49 a month for list size of 500. And additional facilities that you get with this plan are custom domain and branding, CRM with sales automation, SMS marketing, Contact and lead scoring and Deep data integrations. You can go for this plan if you want to reach to maximum number of people with more efficiency.

  • Professional

Here you get three sessions of one-on-one training that would help you to build your first email campaign and send it fast. With proper one-on-one training you would not face any kind of frustration in using the tool. The cost of this plan for 2,500 subscribers is $129.

Additional benefits you get with this plan are site messaging, attribution, predictive sending and win probability. This is a best plan for you if you have medium size business.

  • Enterprise

For contacts up to 2,500; this plan will cost you $229 a month. Additional benefits you get with this plan are – In-depth onboarding, Free design services, Dedicated account representative, Custom mail server domain and Phone support.

Choose the plan that suits your needs best. If you are not able to decide right now. Just go for a trial version.


Ontraport is a complete all in one email marketing tool that is designed to boost your ecommerce business. All the features of this tool are easy to use and can be learnt quickly. To help you use this software, Ontraport provides Email, Live Chat, Screen share and VIP support to its users.

You can integrate your ecommerce store and social media account with this tool so that you can easily built your email automation effectively.

Ontraport Zapier offers you the facility of moving information between your web applications. It becomes lot easier to manage client information with the help of this features.

Ontraport CRM is a user friendly platform that helps you to design sales pipelines, task automation, segmentation and organize email flows and campaigns. Ecommerce platform such as Shopify can be best used by integrating with it.

Ontraport provides many features to support your ecommerce business such as order form, offline transactions, complex offers, upsells + order bumps, Referral Tracking and Customer Centre.

Ontraport Pricing

  • Basic

This plan is only for sending emails. In this plan you get 1000 contacts for $79 a month. There is no limit to send emails, which is good things. If you have just started your business and have less contacts, then this plan would be best for you.

  • Plus

This plan will cost you $147 for 2,500 contacts. It is a best plan for ecommerce platforms as it offers – sell your product online, merge payment and store customer order history -features. Along with that you also get free call with customer representative for account setup.

  • Pro

In this plan you get list size of up to 10000 contacts in $297 a month. Additional features you get with this plan are email consultation and all the necessary tools required for ecommerce email automation.

  • Enterprise

This plan is for medium or large businesses. For this plan you need to pay $497 for 20000 contacts, here you get email limits of 2,00,000 per month. Additional feature you get with it is personal account report.

To get familiar with Ontraport platform and know whether it is right for you or not. Sign up Now for 14-days trial.


Klaviyo is among the best email marketing automation tools you could lay your hands on to build your first email flow and campaigns. As it says, it’s deep integration with ecommerce platform such as Shopify helps you analyze and improve your email marketing strategies.

In this tool you will find all features of automation like A/B testing tools, segmentation, integration with Facebook custom audiences and so on.

But the best part of this software is its easy visual builder that allows you to create automation workflows and email templates without having programming skills.

To make you familiar with the tool and email marketing, Klaviyo offers wide range of learning resources such as webinars, live training, guides, events and blog. With the help of these learning resources you won’t only learn about Klaviyo functionality but also whole email marketing process.

Klaviyo Pricing

Klaviyo pricing depends on number of contacts you include in the list. For first 250 contacts, there is no price. And you can send 500 emails which includes free newsletters in the free plan.

In the free plan, you will get to use all the features of Klaviyo without any restrictions.

To know more about Klaviyo pricing, calculate yourself on ease.


Aweber pro tool is serving more than 100,000 individuals and businesses all across the globe. Its email marketing service offers – smart designer, landing pages, free template library, auto-newsletter and personalized communications.

Along with that, you also get many other features which are designed to provide hassle free user experience. It is an all-in-one marketing tool that is ideal to meet all your email marketing goals.

Aweber atom is a standout feature which allows you to build your list quickly to create sign up forms by using mobile phone. Similarly, Aweber curate helps you in sending amazing looking news-letters to your subscribers from mobile phone.

Aweber stats feature is designed to let you access all the results of your email flows and campaigns from mobile phone.

Just imagine how much more you could achieve, if most of your email marketing can be done via mobile phone.

Aweber email marketing tool comes with integration feature that allows you to integrate your ecommerce platform with Aweber. Aweber Shopify can yield fortune for your if you use them wisely and smartly.

Aweber Pricing

You can use Aweber platform for free if your contact list is less than 500 subscribers with the limit of 3,000 emails per month. In the free plan you can use all the basic functionality of email marketing tools.

For advanced features you need to consider pro plan.

  • Pro

This plan will cost you $47 a month if you have list of 5000 contacts. Here you get all the advanced features of Aweber such as Split testing, Behavioral automation, Landing pages, sign up form split testing, Sales tracking, Ecommerce, Free integration and migration, and 24/7 live support.

Use Aweber for free. Sign up Now!

Constant Contact

Here you can build a website for your ecommerce store with built-in marketing tools to helps your business get recognition. If you already have an ecommerce store, you can integrate it with constant contact for easy email automation. This is one of those email campaign software that offers wide range of features for email and social marketing, website builder and integration.

With the help of template builder, you can create interactive email campaigns to boost your sales and built relationship with your customers. As this software comes with one-month free trial, you can use it and test it yourself and decide whether you want to continue with it or not.

Constant Contact Pricing

For the first month, you don’t need to pay anything. But from second month onward you need to choose the plan you want to go with. Constant Contact offers two plans Email and Email plus.

  • Email

This plan is designed for small businesses and organizations who want to build customer relationship and create professional emails.

For contacts up to 500 you need to pay $20/month, and if your contact between 501 to 2500 the amount you need to pay is $65/month. In this plan you will get all the features that you need to build customer relationship such as email automation, marketing, ecommerce integration, free website and customer support.

  • Email Plus

This plan is for those organizations and businesses looking for advanced automation features.

This plan costs $45/month for contacts up to 500. If you have a contact list of 5000 subscribers, then you need to pay $95/month. Additional features you get with this plan are advanced ecommerce marketing, customizable pop-up forms, automated behavior based email, RSVP and customer consultation.

There is a 15% discount on yearly plan, and 30% discount for non-profitable organization in both the plans.

Try Constant Contacts free for 30-days. Now!


Keap is a great email marketing automation software that offers many great features such as automating follow up, advanced automation, sales pipeline, integration, reporting and insight and lifecycle marketing.

Infusionsoft By Keap

Keap infusionsoft CRM helps you to build a list of paying customers. It is best for advanced marketing and sales funnel for business containing less than 25 employees.

It will help you to plan each step of your sales and marketing strategy. Keap CRM offers message send, lead generation, automate and streamline daily tasks, automated follow-up campaign, and segmentation.

With these features you can generate more and more leads and convert them into customers that keep coming back again and again, thus increases your sales exponentially.

To get familiar with Keap and know whether it is a right platform for you or not. You get 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Keap also offers many learning resources such as Blogs, Podcast, customer webinar, live demo and events to help you learn more about email marketing and get maximum out of this software.

Infusionsoft Keap Pricing

Keep offers four premium plans and you need to select the one that suits you the best.

  • Keap Grow

This plan costs you $79 a month. Features that come with this plan are – easy automation, text message and business phone line, email marketing, CRM, quotes, invoices, and payments.

  • Keap Pro

The cost of this plan is $149 a month. Additional features that you get with this plan are – recurring payment, smart form and reports, landing page builder, advanced sales and marketing automation.

  • Infusionsoft

You will have to pay $199 a month for this. With this plan you get – marketing and sales automation, CRM, advanced reporting and ecommerce, lead scoring and company records, and advanced sales and marketing automation.

Not able to decide which plan is best for you. Try it for free for 14 days now.


Choosing the right email marketing automation software is crucial for your business. Every software offers something different, you need to choose the one that fits your needs best.

Most of the email marketing tools offers free newsletter software. You don’t necessarily need to pay for email marketing services. Try free version of tools that you see appropriate, and if you find any of them fulfilling all your marketing needs. Then go for pro version, if it is necessary.

Published on December 10, 2020


Reboot your brand's content marketing strategy, and get 100% delivery rates with the most trusted tool.

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Reboot your brand's content marketing strategy, and get 100% delivery rates with the most trusted tool.

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