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SEMrush Vs SimilarWeb: Which One Is Better? – Copy

Mehnaz Patel

Novelist, content creator, a book and movie reviewer

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Is Semrush really a better tool than SimilarWeb. We will find out in this complete guide a brief comparison of both, so you can drive better results with your SEO strategy.

We love Semrush, as it’s the best SEO tool for our Search Engine Optimization efforts. One of the best content marketing SaaS platforms and an online visibility management is Semrush! To deliver superior results, effective work was done by Semrush which helped 7 million marketers from different corners of the world. It has been given the US, UK, European, MENA and Dutch Search Awards.


Depending on your area of interest which includes SEO, Content, Market Research, Advertising, SMM and SERM, you can choose any topic that you want their help in and they will provide you the best help with the best tools.

Let’s learn more about each specific tool in all the areas of interest to help you better:-


  • Keyboard Research Tools

You can discover what exactly fits your goals, any of the keyword’s value, what is the competition for a keyword and get an instant judge estimated value for it.

And this provides you with six sub tools which includes Organic Research, Keyword Magic Tool, Keyword Gap, Keyword Manager and Organic Traffic Insights.

  • Technical SEO Tools

To boost your rankings, you can analyze it’s interactions with Google, getting fresh ideas from the Semrush technical SEO audit tools will make your work easy and you can check your site’s health.

It provides you with three awesome tools to better your SEO like the Log File Analyzer, Site Audit and an On-Page SEO Checker.

  • Local SEO Tools

To track your growth, boost your website services, gain more customers and people know about your services then get the best local SEO strategy!

It provides you with Social Media Toolkit, Listing Management and Position Tracking which will boost your works and page in front of the other competitors.

  • Position Tracking

The SERP tracking tool explores new opportunities to make your online presence better and monitors your performance Google’s Search Engine Results Pages with Semrush with the Ranks and Sensor tools.

  • Link Building

The Backlink Analysis Tools Track your Progress, Backlink Gap, Audit Backlinks, Master Outreach Campaigns, Bulk Backlink Analysis and your backlink profile goes to the next level with Semrush’s link building tools.

  • SEO Competitive Analysis

Know where your competitor stands in a matter of minutes with the SEO Competitive Analysis.

Semrush Over Similarweb



  • Content Marketing

You can combine creativity and analytics for every step of your workflow, executing and creating a data-informed content strategy which is powerful and based on your audience’s needs, from your ideas to creating, optimizing and measuring the best content marketing.

It includes Content Audit, Topic Research, SEO Content Template, Post Tracking, Marketing Calendar, Brand Monitoring and SEO Writing Assistant.

  • Content Creation and Distribution

With Semrush, the distribution and creation of content will be easier. You can share the order traffic-driving blog posts from professional copywriters to your audience with just a few clicks and also discover resonating topic ideas.

It includes tools like Social Media Poster and Content Marketplace.

  • Content Optimization

You can check the SEO status in real time in WordPress or Google Docs, you’ll also get actionable recommendations to optimize your text and based on your rivals/best practices, you can create search-friendly content which drives organic traffic to your website.

  • Content Marketing Analytics

Identify easily the assets that need improvement, drive better marketing results, with just a click your content performance can be analyzed and by adjusting your content strategy, new opportunities can be discovered.

Semrush Similarweb


Market Research

  • Competitor Analysis

Knowing and exploring your rivals’ online presence aspects is very important and Semrush helps you by providing you with Marketing Strategies, Social Media Performance, Website Traffic, Advertising, PR, SEO Efforts and Content.

Semrush Similarweb


There are many more other tools under Market Research such as Market Analysis, Paid Advertising and Competitor PR Monitoring.

So how is Semrush better than SimilarWeb? 

Actually both of them, Semrush and SimilarWeb are solid competitors with great features in different fields of interests as both of them provide plus kpis for various traffic channels, they give a competitor analysis, reinforce your competitive strategy, tracking organic, gives you an in-depth data on PPC, traffic size, SEO, plus traffic sources, inorganic keywords, site analysis tools and ads.

So what’s the difference?

Semrush takes the prize though because it not just identifies your critical SEO problems but it also gives you the solutions possible based on proven best practices, ranking algorithms and it also gives you a thorough and in-depth site analysis that SimilarWeb doesn’t.

But when it comes to specialized segments, the individual approaches of Semrush and SimilarWeb are different. SimilarWeb powers through the assessment of the mobile marketing app on Apple and Google Play Store while there’s a social media analysis by Semrush.

Another thing that sets them apart is website statistics is more under the focus of SimilarWeb while SEO, Comprehensive Traffic Analysis, PPC, Online Visibility and Social Media is offered by Semrush.

Semrush Simiarweb

There’s also a huge difference in accuracy as web crawlers and user panels are relied on by SimilarWeb as data sources that create critical insights which means a wide margin error is to be expected as it’s created for high level market estimates.

A database which has more than 20 billion keywords from various areas of the world is what Semrush is built on and that is why, you should put your confidence and trust into the keyword data from Semrush as it’s a search marketing core at its base even though the overall size of an industry and the ranking of major brands will be captured by SimilarWeb better.

Thanks to the plus PPC, extra site audit tool, Keyword Tool and Keyword Magic Tool which makes Semrush keyword analysis superior to SimilarWeb as it also includes possible remedies, deeper site analysis with its auditing tool and with the critical SEO problems identified.

But with session and deeper web analysis SimilarWeb wins one point from Semrush but it is compensated by Semrush by its social media marketing strategies and when it discloses your rivals online ad spending.

Whether you want to go with Semrush or SimilarWeb depends on what tools you need to better your SEO.

Mehnaz Patel

Novelist, content creator, a book and movie reviewer

Mehnaz Patel  is a novelist, content creator, a book and movie reviewer. She loves watching horror movies, singing and writing. She has a passion for writing since she fell in love with reading books. Loves listening to BTS and works out to clear her mind. One thing she thinks helps in writing tough articles is reading and researching about it as much as one can. She listens to music a lot when she has no words to express at all.


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