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Moosend: Quick Guide To You Best Free Email Marketing Software


Want to get started with email marketing for free for your business. Moosend is the quick solution for you to land your emails to right inbox.


Get Started Today & Launch Your First Email Campaign In A Matter Of Minutes.

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Moosend: Quick Guide To Your Best Free Email Marketing Software


Want To Get Started With Email Marketing For Free For Your Business. Moosend Is The Quick Solution For You To Land Your Emails To Right Inbox.


Get Started Today & Launch Your First Email Campaign In A Matter Of Minutes.

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What is Moosend?

Moosend is a platform which provides services to other companies/organizations for customizing their emails with analytics along with marketing tools in a way which helps them attract more traffic to the company/organization’s page, in short it is an email marketing automation platform. The top features of moosend includes Data analytics, List segmentation and A/B testing

The Campaign

Moosend provides an email campaign creation feature which is not only a user-friendly interface but has a variety of campaigns available, some of which are repeatable html campaign, regular campaign, A/B split campaign, automated campaign, RSS campaign.

These different campaigns help marketers to appeal to various segments in their audiences by providing a choice to use dynamic content which sets them apart from other marketers’ emails.

Moosend Email Templates

Moosend provides many awesome campaigns which can be done through a click from your mobile and it also provides you with a choice to customize your own template which can be saved in the editor library.

Moosend Campaign Editor

Moosend campaign editor provides a lot of functions which will help your email shine brighter than others’ emails like to add images an Image Picker through the editor, Social follow, Video, elements like article, Visuals, Countdown timer, CTA buttons, Product blocks, Text, Social share HTML and Spacer. 

Conditional content blocks like additional advanced features are also available on Moosend along with different guiding videos on how to make the best use of its features like with Moosend’s editor on how to create a newsletter. 

Marketing Automation

Moosend Automations

To create custom workflows for one’s business, there are a series of triggers and actions at the disposal of users along with various pre-made recipes by Moosend to help users. Welcome email series, abandoned cart sequences, etc like automated workflows are created by Moosend for visual workflow builders. 

Some of the top features of Moosend’s marketing automation are Advanced reporting, Drag & drop automation editor, Website tracking, User tracking and Email automation templates.

Subscription Forms

There are different types of forms available according to the theme of your email like full page form, modal pop-up, floating box, inline form and floating bar. You can also add CTA, change visuals, copy, customized form fields and colors with the help of the form builder by Moosend. 

In the free plan, there’s a drag-and-drop online form builder which is free to use along with different templates of form available for you to choose. It’s top features include Visibility options, Anti-bot protection, Drag & drop editor and GDPR compliance.

Landing Pages

It provides you with the preview option of your landing page along with available landing pages if you have the paid plan. Even through your mobile, as a user you will be able to see how the display of the landing pages is on mobile devices.

Similar to the email builder of Moosend, there’s a drag-and-drop landing page builder with templates of landing pages available. The top features in this are the separate mobile editor, premade templates and ultrafast loading pages.

A/B Testing Options

The A/B testing option in Moosend provides you with different functions where subscribers of specific numbers/lists can be sent tests, on your email campaigns and subject lines tests can be run through them, and for winning variations for your campaigns, Moosend will let you create focused A/B tests. 

Audience Management Features

For your subscribers personalized campaigns can be created using segmentation along with for the division of the audience into targeted groups, there’s segmentation options available for it by Moosend. With the help of smart features, your mailing list can be created and expanded. 

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Your subscriber’s email device will be visible to you with Moosend’s reporting. The conversions, open rate, bounce rate and many more can be tracked by Moosend. For tracking the campaign performance, analytics features and advanced reporting can be used. 


For more integration options, Zapier and Piesync can be connected to Moosend. You have an added advantage in integrations, as different applications integrate Moosend. 

Moosend Pricing

Up to 1,000 contacts, there’s a free forever plan provided by Moosend with unlimited emails. For additional features like phone support, access to landing page builder, team members and transactional email are provided with paid plans which start from $8 per month to $608 per month.

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Get Started Today & Launch Your First Email Campaign In A Matter Of Minutes.

Get Free Forever


Get Started Today & Launch Your First Email Campaign In A Matter Of Minutes.

Get Free Forever