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Quick Guide To Start And Grow Your Business With Ownr

Robin Hood

Novelist, content creator, a book and movie reviewer.

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Getting started with Ownr is simple, we are here to guide you with the next few steps you might consider in working with Ownr. Ownr trusted by over 40,000+ businesses & brands, and helped from company registrations to consulting, lawyers to legal corporate work ever, under one roof. It’s the one you must consider when starting your business.



What is Ownr? 

Ownr is a platform which supports new businesses, existing businesses and professionals by helping you in creating legal agreements, managing employees, registering, incorporating and many more features on it.

Why Ownr?

1) The Price 

  • For New Businesses

It starts from $89/year as Sole Proprietorship which gives you access to features like chat support, unlimited business name searches, business document storage. business registration number,

Ownr perks and business registration document to $599/year, for Managed Corporation Plan which gives you unlimited access to Ownr legal agreement library, full incorporation plus additional features, unlimited company updates & government filings and unlimited user accounts

Ownr Mavenwit


  • For Existing Businesses

It starts from $199/year for an online minute book with annual filings which gives you access to up to 3 user accounts, online minute book management and annual filings & resolutions.

To a managed corporation plan for $599/per year which gives you different features like unlimited support, online minute book management, unlimited access to Ownr legal agreement library, annual filings, legal resolutions & waiver of auditor, unlimited company updates & government filings and up to 10 user accounts.

There are also different add-ons with these plans to help you better equip your business.

Mavenwit Ownr



  • New Businesses

As mentioned above Ownr gives you the choice to choose your plan according to your business as a Sole Proprietorship or as an Incorporation. There are over 40,000 new businesses that trust Ownr with many different tasks for their businesses.

Like for Sole Proprietorship, you can register your business easily within minutes without having to worry about difficult legal jargon. You have the power to decide what your business structure should be and the platform of Ownr grows with your business as a part of it. You can also easily switch to Incorporation if you need to without any hiccups.

Mavenwit Consulting


If you open an RBC business bank account, you can get $89 back just in the timeframe of 60 days of registration if you register for sole proprietorship through Ownr. You can enjoy different perks with Ownr like getting discounts on your mobile devices,  accounting software, unlocking exclusive savings for your business, with discounts on phone plans, shipping, office supplies and many more.

Ownr has extensive resources like blogs, guides with navigation through different levels of your businesses which will help you whether you are trying to grow your new business or you are just getting it started.

For an Incorporation, you’ll get part of your incorporation fee back if you open an RBC business bank account and in just 60 days of incorporation if you are getting your business incorporated through Ownr. And the quickest way to incorporate is through Ownr.

Specific customization will be made for every document solely for your business if your paperwork is in order. If you have legal documents which are required to own your company then Ownr will make sure that you have the ownership of your company from day one of joining hands with it as there can be mistakes on your own while incorporating and if there are no owners for the company.

Mavenwit eCommerce


There’s other functions like e-signatures too for incorporations.

There’s more products/services for:

  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Firms and In-House Legal
  • Enterprise API

Ownr helps your type of business grow by providing different resources like:

  • Business guides
  • Blogs
  • Perks
  • Support
  • Customer Stories
  • Careers
  • Reviews, and many more.

Ownr is already doing a lot nice for more than 40,000 business, and the numbers are increasing day-by-day. Would you want to be the next one launching your business with the help of Ownr, then connect now!

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Robin Hood

Novelist, content creator, a book and movie reviewer.

Robin hood is a novelist, content creator, a book and movie reviewer. he loves watching horror movies, singing and writing. he has a passion for writing since he fell in love with reading books. Loves listening to BTS and works out to clear his mind. One thing he thinks helps in writing tough articles is reading and researching about it as much as one can. he listens to music a lot when he has no words to express at all.


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