How Pipedrive Can Be You Next Best CRM


Learn about Pipedrive and how it can help you grow your business, by prioritizing deals, track performance and to predict revenue.


The only tool you need to run the sales process in a right way.

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How Pipedrive Can Be You Next Best CRM


Learn about Pipedrive and how it can help you grow your business, by prioritizing deals, track performance and to predict revenue.


The only tool you need to run the sales process in a right way.

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Let’s talk about Pipedrive, a tool designed to keep you selling. A powerful and fully-featured CRM you need to keep your sales-cycle in progress. It’s one of the best CRM in the entire industry used by top revolutionized companies to develop the meaningful solutions for their customers. It is your all-in-one CRM with all your needs from integration to optimization, automation to communication at one place.


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So, you’ve decided to learn more about Pipedrive. Great! We’re here to guide you from start to finish. Pipedrive is only the tool you require to run your sales process in a right way, to manage, engage and to understand more about your prospects. Let’s Dive In!

What Is CRM

CRM is one of the most useful software when it comes in terms of managing business data or customer data with a scale of proper management and authentication. In simple words it stands for – Customer Relationship Management. It allows businesses to manage data, maintain relationship and to ensure the right approach for the betterment of organizational operations. Pipedrive comes in of those leading software companies that have taken a stand in securing customer’s data and enhancement with CRM usages.

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That’s not all, CRM is the gold standard for measuring how fine the sales team, department, or the process is performing. It helps in evaluating to ensure the appropriate solution fit to your organizational principles.

What Are CRM Features

A. Manage Leads & Deals

It has objectives like Sales Pipelines, Leads Inbox, Chat, Web Forms, Data Fields. Pipedrive is full of features that help you prioritize deals, track performance & predict revenue. 

  • Sales pipelines
  1. Track deals and its values, check close dates, and much more. Want to add custom fields? Add as much as you want.
  2. Organize deals in pipelines and customize the stages to suit your sales cycle.
  • Leads Inbox

Make all your follows and path in one place. So, it can be kept in your pipeline, uncluttered, and focused on deals only.

  • Chat

Connect people and customers all time. Keep sales up.

  • Web Fields

Generate fully customizable web forms that help to build sales properly.

  • Data Fields

Have any other custom fields to put? Nothing to worry about. Data Fields brings all the tools you need to build custom forms and fields for data input.

B. Track Communications

  • Proceed with Customer Management using databases, tables for contacts, addresses, emails, etc.
  • Have any email solution needs? Worry-free with using inbuilt Email Inbox which provides email sync, open and clicks tracking, templates, and group mails.
  • Use the Caller feature for inbound and outbound callings. Use loggings to trace the management of call tracks.
  • Scheduler & Activity Calendar can be used to hold and track meetings within the organization.

C. Automate & Grow

Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive administrative tasks and learn from artificial intelligence.

D. Insights, Reports & Mobile Integrations

  • Create custom CRM fields for reports and decisions as unique as your business.
  • Track your most important reports and KPIs in one place with visual dashboards to monitor team progress at a glance.
  • Use Android or iOS apps for integrating software with the cloud.
  • Sync data with Google and Microsoft apps.

E. Privacy & Security

  • Use Security Center to manage the security dashboard of your CRM easily.
  • Use Visibility and Login Protection for protecting the user against brute-force attacks and other cyber vulnerabilities.
  • Organizational data management can handle your organization data within the server and cloud with encryption without leaking any data. 

Within Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers a trial period of 30 days for any user or team member to particularly try their software, CRM, tools, and other features, etc.

These tools often help the customer understand not only the features of the Pipedrive but also the necessities of what and how a CRM is and it’s working.

There are not many companies that offer a trial version to their software’s, but Pipedrive offers a solution that will not only let your sales go up, but it will help you manage the database and products very easily.

How Pipedrive Helps You To Enhance Your Leads

Lead qualification and enhancement can help the company to find the best quality leads, and Pipedrive helps it faster.

To know if you and your team of the company are establishing the leads effectively and in a better way, first know what’s the necessary steps for it.

1. Pipedrive helps in creating better leads by understanding the company’s criteria and needs of leads. The leads can be via feedbacks from their customers, solutions, problem solving, satisfactory reads, etc. In this step, marketing and sales must work together to form a better collaboration for better leads. The best lead definitions are based on the demographics, activities, and behaviors that make a lead a quality prospective customer.

2. Processing of correct information on the products and leads of the company. There has to be always a significant 80% – 90% of the right details, information, and criteria of effective sales processes and leads. Never force the leads through stages of sales and marketing very fast as doing so will lose the company’s deals. Sales teams and marketing program needs to be consistent about the info to get the right leads to progress to the next stage quickly.

An effective sales process is always :

  • Clearly defined
  • Predictable
  • Measurable

3. The use of automation for leads, sales, and marketing will be very efficient if used for simple administrative tasks which can reduce the manual work.

4. The final step is realizing the processes done and improving the processes every time and better than the previous one. Fine-tuning of the processes will guide for proper improvement. The company’s team can monitor the type of leads that convert, giving qualitative feedback to improve lead definitions, lead scoring criteria, and the timing required to receive, nurture, and convert the lead.

Pipedrive Tools & It's Features

As we all know that CRM is an essential tool for not only marketing, sales, or as a collaboration tool. It is also a beneficial system of different work ethics and studies material to people and team members. Pipedrive not only supports leads, CRM, chat, chatbot, or other features but it also supports work mail, contacts, activities, marketplace, Pipedrive academy and company monitor.

A. Pipedrive Mail

Do you wish to work with the mail of your company’s domain or get a centralized mail for your work without paying extra fees for email hosting services like Gsuite or Office 365.

Pipedrive mail not only reduces the tension of mail hosting but also enhances the features of many working ethics.

B. Pipedrive Marketplace

Do you miss any feature which is related to any other apps or software’s like slack for notification or zoom for meetings or any other email marketing software’s? If so, then Pipedrive Marketplace brings you the best collaboration software’s along with it’s CRM at no high rate costs to make you familiar and easier.

C. Pipedrive Academy

With its name only it defines what it is. Maybe many of you are thinking about a boring course or lectures. But no, it isn’t. The Pipedrive academy brings a lot of easier notes, lectures, and courses for people who are newer to CRM, tools, automation, sales, etc. So, if anyone is not familiar with tools can refer this to know about the tools and it’s working.

D. Company Monitor

If any company’s attention is not much on their tools and CRM features, sales, other activities, so make sure your CRM and other tools are set up to keep an eye on the health of the business on a continual basis.

Pipedrive helps making it easy to monitor performance metrics like sales revenue, average deal value and MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) to keep an eye on the business which will allow you to act on data as events continue to unfold. You can set notifications and see its logs and activities for the business continuity.

Pipedrive is the best CRM software to enhance your workflow. It has a lot more interesting inside it’s dashboard with creating, managing, scheduling etc., to deliver the best out of it. Pipedrive making sales success inevitable.

Pipedrive Made Work Easy

Pipedrive is a tool which not only helps for increasing the sales or leads or doing marketing solving, it also helps in connecting people around the world through the mode of work ethics. It made it possible for everyone from small to large organizations, to run the business in a right way, by taking care of entire business aspect and to achieve the organizational goals, so you can focus on gaining more in lesser time.

Pipedrive Comparison

Choosing a right and powerful CRM is hard, here’s why Pipedrive comes into place with all your needs from start to finish.

Pipedrive has more than what you think, It’s the all-in-one suite for your sales team, so you can keep laser-focused on sales, and let Pipedrive will do the rest.


As we all know through the above observation that Pipedrive is a well-known CRM provider and it is helping companies, users, teams to collaborate at a large scale around the globe. The tools and features mentioned about Pipedrive can be as similar to it in many of the other CRM providers, but Pipedrive helps not only in the terms of solution or collaboration tool. This software is more of bringing people together around the globe in one unit through it’s 24/7 support through chat, phone and emails.

There are times when one cannot find how to work with CRM tools whether it’s a cloud or desktop or applet software, but Pipedrive also helps newbie customers to know their tool by letting them use it for a trial period without asking for a credit card and helping them through Pipedrive Academy.

Get More Done With Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers an integration tools with its CRM usage for customer to feel more connected to their old apps with new ones.

Pipedrive For Gmail Connect you Gmail with one click install, and make your conversation easy to manage, and easy to control.

Pipedrive For Slack – Manage your communication with ease, together at one place and organize your company’s conversation.

Pipedrive For Zoom Meetings – The seamless Zoom integration for Pipedrive, together with the calendar sync and scheduler, creates an effortless setup for your virtual selling.  

Pipedrive For SyncBot – It’s a one-click synchronization tool from Pipedrive to synchronize all you contacts in no time.

Pipedrive For – Connect Pipedrive with 100+ apps like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Unbounce etc., and automate the process easily.

You have no limit in accessing with Pipedrive, it will make your business process so easy, you would love to see. Just with the few clicks, you have everything in your hand. Let’s make it work for your business, and we would love to see your results, and the impact Pipedrive made in your business to speed-up the operations and lower-down the time-frame to win your business expectations.

Published on October 30, 2020


The only tool you need to run the sales process in a right way.

Try It Free


The only tool you need to run the sales process in a right way.

Try It Free