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Liquid Web & Nexcess: Side-By-Side Comparison – Copy

Anupriya Singh

Creative Strategist at Mavenwit

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Reality of Web Hosting

It’s 2021, and Web Hosting is now about more than just having a space for your website on the internet.

The businesses are growing at a rapid speed & so is the competition among them. For beginners, shared hosting comes into play when they are starting out & testing the initial stage requirements of a web hosting service such as One-Click Website Installers, User-Friendly Dashboard, Affordable Pricing, Good Enough Documentation & Support, Free Themes etc. Whereas, large firms & businesses understand having a web hosting platform to run their website is an on-going investment.

They understand to maintain an ever-growing presence on the internet at its best, a solid web hosting is crucial. Services like Rapid Loading, 100% Uptime & Reliability of the website visitors, superb Brand-width & Unlimited Storage of the web-files data, 24×7 Customer Support with 100% Online Security & much more.

Liquidweb & Nexcess


These big businesses understand the importance & the need to opt for the right web-hosting service to ensure that there are no downtimes at all to avoid incurring losses as well as the distrust of their customers. This is where Liquid Web comes into play.

In this article we, will discuss about What is Liquid Web? Differentiation between it’s 2 most popular products Liquid Web & Nexcess.

What is Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is a web-hosting company dedicated to web & cloud professionals, rendering it’s extraordinary services to the big business that aim to prioritise their customer’s experience & loyalty, eventually leading to massive profits.

Unlike other web-hosting platforms with shared hosting, that focus on the beginner level of flexibility, Liquid Web believes not every project is created equal , so why should every hosting plan be!

Liquid Web offers dedicated servers, cloud UPS hosting, managed word press hosting, managed e-commerce  hosting, Free E-Mail Accounts, Responsive 24×7 Live Chat Support, Great Uptime>99.99% & much more.

Check out all it’s Hosting services & products.

Liquid Web Company is a family of 3 Brands namely- Liquid Web (Managed Dedicated, Cloud and Clustered hosting environments) , Nexcess (Cloud hosting optimized for Digital Commerce Cloud)  & Stellar WP (WordPress Plugins, Software and Tools).

Due to having 3 brands under the belt, usually users get confused as to which product service to choose for their business.

That is why we will discuss about the 2 most popular brands of Liquid Web Family – Liquid Web & Nexcess.



  1. Liquid Web- As many of you know, Liquid Web has been an industry leader in Managed Hosting for over 23 years.  Delivering High-performance traditional, cloud, and clustered hosting environments, we’re known for fast, reliable, highly-secure and hassle free hosting backed by “The Most Helpful Humans in Hosting”.

Products: Dedicated Servers, VPS, VMware Private Cloud, Multi-Server Solutions.

Check out Liquid Web Hosting Service

Nexcess – A premier E-Commerce hosting provider,  joined the Liquid Web brand family in 2019.

Liquid Web sought Nexcess to capitalize on their 20+ year, strong expertise in E-Commerce.  Their high-performance Cloud platform now runs our Managed WordPress and Managed WordPress and Magento plans – delivering exceptional speed, scale and security on their proprietary Cloud stack technology.

A fully managed Cloud solution built to optimize Content and Commerce platforms, Nexcess helps SMBs and their creators build better, faster, smarter sites and stores. With Nexcess, Better is Built-in.

Products: Managed WordPress Hosting, Managed Woo-Commerce Hosting, Managed Magento Hosting, and more.

Check out the Nexcess Web Hosting Service

Another frequently asked question that pops up is –

Why will someone who already has a hosting service being rendered from Liquid Web, should move to Nexcess?

Nexcess is Liquid Web’s  Digital Commerce Cloud Platform and you can expect the same support and expertise that you love about Liquid Web. But definitely there are differences in their products.

What are those?

Let’s take a look with an explanatory infographic.

LW vs NX Explained



Together, Liquid Web, Nexcess are developing the product and open-source platform capabilities that SMB customers and their developers have been asking for.  But choosing the right Hosting service fit your business purpose has never been easier.

Here’s whats Liquid Web Familly has to say about it’s Diverse Products & Services-

“Nexcess is our Digital Commerce Cloud Platform and you can expect the same support and expertise that you love about Liquid Web. As a family of brands, we are purpose-built to power the online potential of growing businesses and organizations. And, we’re passionate about serving the communities of designers, developers and agencies who create for businesses around the world.”

“Not just Managed Servers. Managed Services. When We Say Fully Managed, We Mean It

Anupriya Singh

Creative Strategist at Mavenwit

Anupriya Singh is a Creative Strategist at Mavenwit. She is perfect at creating Top-Notch strategies for the brands to keep rolling. She love to play with the words, talkative, and enough witty to get the job done in a matter of time. She is an amazing artist as well, and love to play musical instruments, and involved in the commercial live shows. She is never settle, and always curious to learn more all the time, & fun to be with.


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