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How To Get Started With Thinkific


Learn about Thinkific, and create your own beautiful courses and membership websites under your own brand. Design it as you want, and sell it to your audience.


Turn your proficiency into a thriving business. Educate others and reward yourself.

Free Forever

How To Get Started With Thinkific


Learn about Thinkific, and create your own beautiful courses and membership websites under your own brand. Design it as you want, and sell it to your audience.


Turn your proficiency into a thriving business. Educate others and reward yourself.

Free Forever

Education is the most valuable asset in the entire life, you’ve heard of. The more you educate yourself, more you impact in everyone’s life. It’s the life-changing phenomenon, changing lives of billions everyday. 

In the 21st century, we are in the digital education era, where we have technological power to change lives. We can learn anything, anytime, anywhere we want to, and develop new skills to shape our future.

You may have heard of online courses before, we know that’s why you’re here, but you may don’t know, how to get started with it, or how to scale it. We got you cover. Today in this wonderful guide, we are going to discuss, how one platform can really help you in getting started to sell your own course with your brand tag. You can create your course by simply drag-and-drop builder offered by Thinkific

It’s the fabulous product, with the simple interface to make your first online course with ease. It’s used by top entrepreneurs, industry professionals & anyone who want to get started with it for Free Forever. Yes, you heard it right, Thinkific has the Free Forever plan to let you understand the basics without even spend any penny. Let’s Get Started.

Read along, email it to yourself, bookmark it for later, or jump to the section that interests you most.

Thinkific is the all-in-one platform, designed for creators, educators to make a decent impact in digital education industry. It’s the well-renowned platform with all your needs at one place, whether you are teaching 100 students or 100 million.

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Create your first course today, and be the Thinkific next success story. Make it happen now, and join the global teaching community of professionals, entrepreneurs & dreamers.

Be a part of Thinkific, and create your success story yourself. It’s much interesting than you think & it’s more rewarding than you believe.

What Is Thinkific

Do you wish to own your own educational website? Do you have any particular course which you can write? Is it possible to create creative course blogs? Well Yes! It is possible.

Thinkific is an online platform for designing courses on your own for sell and resell. It provides institutions, academies, teachers, authors, and tutors to create extensive and exclusive courses, books, online reading material and other studying utilities to help students and learners for educating themselves.

How Thinkific Helps

  • Thinkific offers free forever trail period for any user or customer to use their cloud product for creating courses and managements.
  • It helps you to build courses and other studying and blogging materials.
  • Create your perfect courses site using drag and drop tool provided in this site builder.
  • Choose any auto designs or create your own themes, multimedia’s for better site creation.
  • Flexible pricing options to fit every size and style of business Offer membership sites, subscription course and package your courses however you want and give students more ways to pay and learn.

Steps To Create, Customize & Publish Your First Course

A. Creation

B. Customization

  • To build the site, kindly open the menu in left hand side, design your site.
  • In the drop down, click site builder and it will take you to another page for building the site.
  • Now in the left side, a menu will appear. Kindly click the home page and click the desired option to edit.
  • If you wish to name your site or edit it, go to settings in the left side menu
  • In the settings section, you have enough options, make certain changes as you want and then click save. 

C. Publish

  • The most important work after creating your educational blog or course is to publish your work and courses.
  • Thinkific doesn’t provide the platform to publish a particular course or your other work. It also provides tools to edit, customize, publish your course in particular name, under your own particular domain and company branding and so on.
  • Thinkific also provides tools like market and sell, advanced reporting, company’s account, affiliate management system and many more things, and functionalities are limitless.

Top Thinkific Features

You can make your each and every decision for your company about publishing and promoting your education. This can include your business while considering the marketing, pricing, selling, sales of your courses even while crafting amazing learning experiences for your customers, students, educational owners, sites, companies, institutes, and tutors.

A. Build Your Courses

You can easily create and customize courses to match your brand. This includes building your material, selecting topics, subheadings, articles, graphics, videos, and other studying material which can make virtual room classes like real world classes. It includes in additional features like:-

  • Quick upload of contents.
  • Drag & drop of contents for perfect curriculum.
  • Provide your students with these rich features, Video, Text, Downloads, Quizzes, Survey, Discussions, Type form, Google Docs, Captivate, Articulate.

Thinkific is simple enough to launch a course quickly, but powerful enough for the most demanding online schools – no coding required.

B. Design Your Site

Build and design a website to effectively sell your courses. Use tools given in the customize section of website builder. These tools not only helps you to build a better website, it also helps you to understand the basic tools needed in creating and hosting a website and what really a website builder is.

Use inbuilt themes, designs to fulfil your works and be worry free of designing the whole template. You can showcase your courses with themes which are specifically designed for selling and marketing.

In recent research, Thinkific customers have sold over $200 million in courses. So, you can sell your courses with confidence. The website includes pre-built instructor, curriculum, key learnings, and course review sections. You can start by picking from one of the expertly designed themes and customize every element to match your brand.

C. Market & Sell

Market and sell your courses with a full suite of business tools. This marketing suite contains tools and widget which can help you grow your educational business with proper reports and tools.

  • Coupons: Create discounts on occasional basis, so you can grab more attention of people. The very basic idea of starting the business is to lower the actual marked price and then sell.
  • Sales Widgets: These are small, customizable buttons or course cards that you can place on another website or blog, giving people the power to buy your course from anywhere!
  • Orders: Check whether which customer has bought which course or material. No worries for email notifications on customer payments. Find all your orders under one section.
  • Integrations: Confused whether which way or how you can accept payments. No worries! Thinkific Integrations tool got you covered with various integrated tools with different companies on different field for you to help and understand the needs very easily. Tools like stripe, PayPal for payments, google analytics and mixpanel for analytics, aweber, keap for email marketing and etc.

D. Support Your Students

Engage and enrich your students on a platform designed for their success. You can take the given advantage of the data of over millions of students. Tell your students about the features of your special courses and create reviews, forums, and other chat features so you can feel connected with your students.

E. Security

Secure cloud hosting & daily backups

You can remain calm and trust that your site and content are safe with reliable, secure cloud hosting. SSL certificates are also included which helps you and your customer to have encrypted communications without any leakage or misconfiguration error.

99.9% uptime & 24/7 monitoring

Thinkific makes sure that your site is always available and working optimally for you and your students. The servers and workloads are easily managed and monitored well.

Instant access to updates

You don’t have to worry about missing a version. All the updates are automatic and quick responses for you always have access to the latest features and version of each software’s, widgets and tools.

Thinkific Reviews

According to Capterra

“Best for everyone from consultants, experts, authors, speakers, and trainers to professional associations, membership organizations, enterprises, and universities use Thinkific today.”

According to DDIY

“The two features that set Thinkific apart from all other platforms are:

  • It has the only viable and truly free price plan.
  • It is arguably the most customizable and flexible course platform”

According to Softwareadvice

“This is where I have my courses. Anytime I have a problem their tech support is great. And I haven’t had any tech problems with the platform – my students are happy and use it easily.”

Thinkific Comparison

Thinkific is the leading platform with all your required features. It’s the one in the industry will help you in reaching new audience that may be interested in learning from you.

Thinkific has lot more designed to create successful online courses, ready to sell and to generate revenue. It build for now to have fun in education to get better attention with much enhancements.


Thinkific has been in business for many years. According to latest reports Thinkific has been number – 1 in many countries, and win thousands of top customers/companies including – Hootsuite, Samsung, etc. Thinkific courses include in-course discussions where teachers can monitor students’ progress and reward them with certificates of completion.

So, if you wish to settle with this and earn a decent income while educating others, Thinkific may be the best platform for you. I have signed up already.

Now you tell, DID YOU?

Published on November 1, 2020


Turn your proficiency into a thriving business. Educate others and reward yourself.

Free Forever


Turn your proficiency into a thriving business. Educate others and reward yourself.

Free Forever